Provide outreach to usher in the next wave of talent into blockchain development.

What is The Spaceman Fund?

Spaceman ID (Chicago,IL) has a focus of connecting blockchain companies to the outside world. We tackle everything from developer evangelism, consulting, and development projects. One of our current initiatives is Spaceman Fund, which we hope to be a collaboration between technologically innovative DLT companies (not just ICOs with money) and university developers not yet exposed to blockchain.

We want to focus on university hackathons because we have identified a gap that is occurring between university graduates and blockchain technology. These hackathons are generally 200-2000 people big events, with no specific industry focus, just a push towards helping student developers learn and be exposed to new technologies. 

By sponsoring the Spaceman Fund you will get access to that untapped talent pool by direct interaction from Spaceman ID at these Hackathons. We have identified 15-20 events that we will travel to in person and promote your tech and engage with students at their home campus and help expand your brand. Bringing blockchain to the students will allow for easier interactions and the promotion of your technology will not just grow brand awareness but also your potential talent pool to hire from!

What sponsorship levels does Spaceman Fund Offer?


Active Hack Package

  • Representation at 15-20 events
  • Mini-Series representation at 200+ events
  • Networking and Socialization with prospective upcoming talent
  • Custom Patch added to the iconic Spaceman Spacesuit

Talent Hack

  • Supporting group of Spaceman Fund
  • Resume book access and talent pool browsing
  • Access to the Spaceman Fund Network

What do Spaceman Fund Sponsors Receive?

Digital Engagement

Extend your impact through engagement across 200 hackathon events digitally with a tailored mini-series.

Tailored Approach

We take the time to know your tech stack to create an approachable outreach.

Talent Outreach

Target an untapped talent pool in an authentic setting native to student hackers.


Here what the next generation of developers think of your tech and your mission.

In-Person Engagement

Spaceman will bring energy and a reputation of influence to the hackathons making your tech enticing and engaging to students.

Cost Reduction

Instead of needing to sponsor each hackathon individually the fund will pool sponsors reducing the cost of engagement per hackathon.

A word from Spaceman (Dev):

I am beyond excited about Spaceman Fund. If you have never attended a university hackathon they are amazing events that are different from the blockchain tailored industry hackathons. At universities there is a strong sense of discovery going on with these up and coming developers; often, these kids will stay up until 4 am just asking me questions in a lecture hall about not just the *how* but the *why*. Bringing good and strong tech stacks to these and representing good DLT companies is an initiative that I feel passionate about which if you give us a call you will hear in my voice as I explain my fervor for expanding the blockchain community! 



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