Spaceman ID

Rethinking, advancing and decentralizing identity management for the better.

Our mission is to innovate and solve today’s data security and identity management problem through a decentralized and innovative solution. We want to allow users to gain back control of their online identity and be more secure when online or using their IDs. To fully solve this problem we are tackling each aspect individually, from the issuer to end user and every piece in between. The world is advancing technologically so why shouldn’t identity management¬†as well.


Organizations issue digital credentials signed with unforgeable cryptographic signatures. These credentials are held by the user, not the issuer, freeing up organizations from having to guard this privacy-sensitive data.


Organizations utilize our web API to integrate SSI logins into their existing systems. They can use the service to verify the authenticity of digital credentials and ensure that they haven’t been tampered with or forged


Users can use our cross-platform wallet to securely and privately store and use their digital credentials. To sign in to SSI services, they simply approve the request from their app.


The SovrinNetwork has been designed exclusively for a portable digital identity that does not depend on any central authority and cannot be taken away. It’s built to be scalable, secure, accessible and focuses on privacy by design.

Roadmap to better ID Management

Oct. 2018 POC completed and demoed
Apr. 2019 Roadshow kicked off and Solution Demos
January 2020 Production Alpha Release
March 2019 MVP completed and demoed
Oct. 2019 Custom requirement gathering
March 2020 Production Beta Release