Spaceman ID

Where decentralization is not just a product feature but a way of thinking. We work to utilize both innovative technology and new thinking methods to create the best possible products and solutions.

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Spaceman ID

Our Mission:

      Spaceman ID helps change the ways interact with everyday websites by making their login private, secure, and portable

Spaceman ID is an energetic, innovative company with a mission to create and support strong, technological solutions that utilize blockchain. We apply an education-first approach that builds a strong baseline of knowledge before diving into a project.

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Identity Breaches…

Data Records Breached in 2018

Time to first breach 2019


American Households Breached

Spaceman ID

Here at Spaceman Holdings we believe the current way of identity management has become stale. We have seen increasing cyber-attacks and less control of data. We are committed to creating a product that will not only restore security but also allow for easy integration and use. If you are interested in increasing data security, having better control of identity and working with innovative technology come talk to us.

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